Grilled peach salad with a honey-lime vinaigrette!

Savory Dishes

IMG_0211 IMG_0213 IMG_0212

It is the end of peach season! So duh, all of the peaches shall appear in the recipes! This is a simple & fresh summer salad with grilled peaches, red onions, baby lettuces and a tasty honey-lime vinaigrette!

Yield: 2 servings


-1 whole peach

-1/4 of a red onion

-4 cups of baby lettuce

-1/3 cup of honey

-1 Tablespoon of lime juice

-1 Tablespoon of olive oil


-Pre-heat the grill, or a grill pan on the stove top

-Cut the peach , as picture

-Slice the onion

-Place 1 cup of baby lettuces in each bowl

-Mix together, the honey, lime juice and olive oil

-Grill peaches until soft and smell peachy!

-Place peaches on top of the bed of lettuce, sprinkle red onions and drizzle the tasty homemade vinaigrette over this tasty summer salad!

-Dig in!


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